Feel free to give yourself edge with Artify HCM

  • Cloud based HR and Payroll to suit small and large business.
  • AI enabled Chatbot recruitment module.
  • Recruitment and resume manager.
  • Help your organization reach higher level with easy-to-use product.
  • Streamline your cumbersome workflow processes to increase productivity.
  • Create Payroll with easy-to-use intuitive product.
  • Employee self service module.
  • Performance Indicator and Appraisal management.
  • Group chat option based on department and location.
  • Option of real time integration with CRM and devices.


Cloud Technology

  • Web-based programs automatically stay up to date.
  • Cloud based HRMS application offering end to end integration of HR functions with Payroll management.
  • Can be accessed anywhere with role-based access.
  • Supports multi company setup with multi accounting period.
  • Stay up to date with updated version with new features.


AI based Recruitment Module

  • Automate your recruitment process and engage with qualified leads.
  • Save time and increase productivity with reduced turnaround time.
  • Focus on core activities with easy to use intuitive Artify recruitment module.


Recruitment and Resume Manager

  • Post vacancies on the go to your website.
  • Classification of resumes and storage for easy retrieval.
  • Track your candidates through various channels.
  • Short listing and interview scheduling module.

Appraisal Management System

  • Update employee Appraisal forms with easy to use feedback.
  • Feedback management based on efforts and accomplishments.
  • Setting and managing goals with performance feedback.
  • Minimal training needed for all contributors


Core HR

  • Add employees personal profiles, , visa, work permit, passport and relevant information.
  • Welcome dashboard for instant access to information
  • Integrated recruitment solution for efficient recruiting and resume management (Add on module)
  • Automates alerts for various events like expiry of driving license, visa, work permit, passport etc

Payroll Management

  • Automates the payroll process using data from self service, leave and loan applications
  • Leave and loan included in payroll.
  • Defines unlimited earnings and deductions
  • Reporting modules


Employee Self Service module

  • Integrate seamlessly with payroll application.
  • Efficient and well-organized workflow driven methods to manage employee profits, benefits, leaves, loans and salary calculations
  • Online access to HR and Payroll info with proper control mechanism for employee and line manages
  • Well structured navigation for ease of use

Timesheet management

  • Helps manages manpower effectively and efficiently
  • Project wise time accounting for employees
  • Multi dimensional reports on time spent for client groups, client and projects


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