HR Software in GCC

Artify HCM

A fully fledged HRMS and
Payroll software in GCC

Red Sky Software has been at the forefront in providing and promoting HRMS and Payroll software in GCC. Our Soluton is best suited for all vertical and fit across all industries to plan ahead with HRMS implementation. We have clients who are using our product since last many years.
Our product is capable of managing any specific size of human resources backed by employees and company databases. Our product including all the module related to workflow processes from onboarding to capturing attendance, payroll processing,LMRA and GOSI calculation based on Bahrain labour rules, WPS ,performance management along with full and final settlement using Aritfy HCM. It helps you focus on mission-critical activities while it takes care of all your complex HR operations with greater efficiency.
Artify HCM provides customers with two options with annual subscription plan as well as on premises based on organizational requirements.
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Major HRMS Modules