Field Staff Management Software in Bahrain

Smooth field staff management from start to finish

Whereisly is a location-based service that runs as a mobile and web app. Offering your mobile and office employees greater visibility and control of all activities occurring in the field.

Enjoy our easy employee tracking system for effective & real-time service delivery management

Take your game to the next level

  • Real-Time GPS
  • Streamlined Job
  • Time Saving Report
  • Performance Breakthroughs
  • Next Level Mobility
  • Accurate Location Tracking

  • Quick and Easy Data Input
  • Accessible Job Data
  • Accurate Location Tracking
  • Navigate with Ease


Keep track of your staff out in the field. Know their next move based on hard data. Boost staff performance with hassle-free interaction minute by minute.


Create, assign and automate jobs easily and effectively. Your customers will be satisfied with timely deliveries and you’ll have time and space to get the job done


Massively reduce your paperwork with streamlined, automatic data collection. With your records all in one place, you can make informed decisions easily and confidently.


Sign up and start tracking immediately. Know exactly when your customers have received their deliveries and where your staff is in between locations

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